Do you want to find good Thailand surf spots?
Well here are a few tips.
There are beautiful beaches in Thailand. Surf spots are easy to find. The most logical place to start is to go where everyone else is going. There are some popular places to surf that are advertised in local and national travel guides. The breaks in Phuket are well documented and easy to find. Billabong and Quicksilver both sponsor surf competitions there. The rest of the country is just starting to catch the surfing bug so it’s a little harder to find a decent surf spot unless you know where and what to look for.
One way is to check out the waves at one of Thailands many river mouths. For those of you who are new to surfing a river mouth is the spot where the river meets the ocean. Depending on how strong the water is flowing into the ocean the force of the two meeting can make for some good waves for surfing. Thailand has so many waterfalls and rivers that there are a lot of places that could generate a great session in the water. The best and safest river mouths for you beginners would be one with a sandy bottom. Rocks and other large immovable objects can ruin not only your surf board but your life as well. It is better for you to wait until you get really good at surfing before you try to surf in a rocky area.
Another good way is to scope out a spot is to meet other local surfers and ask questions. Having a great attitude is essential if you want to go this route. Most of the local surfers will be happy to point you in the right direction but very few, if any, will give up their secret surf spots to a beginner or first time surfer. You have to earn your way by practicing on the smaller or more popular breaks in the area you’re in and prove that you can handle yourself in what might be some pretty gnarly conditions. Get good enough to impress a few of the old timers and those secret spots might become yours one day too. You could try to be sneaky and follow the more seasoned surfers to the places they like but if you are a beginner or don’t know how to surf I wouldn’t suggest this as an option. The places that these guys go are usually more isolated and not suited to your level of surfing. You could get yourself seriously hurt in the water and out as well!
The most important thing about finding a good Thailand surf spot is to find a place that is easy to access and generates a wave that you would be comfortable riding. Accidents happen when people aren’t being responsible. If you can’t “cut back”, stay out of tight spots or places with a lot of rocks. If you are a first timer don’t go to an out of the way place. If you get into trouble out there no one will be around to help you. Stay out of the crowds and find a small wave that you can make mistakes on. Don’t let your ego get in the way. Have an open mind and know that even the best surfers wipe out all the time. Most importantly…find an instructor who can teach you the proper techniques and you will be up and shredding in no time. After a fun day in the surf why not come and visit us here at the best Mexican restaurant in Thailand.