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I has always been my opinion that Bang Niang Beach is the place to be when visiting this area. It doesn’t look like much from the highway but don’t let that dissuade you.

Bang Niang Beach Road runs about 1 kilometer from the Highway to the beach and the quiet street is lined with small shops, restaurants and bars. The tailors don’t hassle you. The massage parlors are relaxing and your dining options are the best and most diverse in the area. If you want quality Mexican, Japanese or German food then this is where the best are located. A Spanish Tapas place just opened and there is a Kebab cart rolling around the streets now as well. I really don’t rate most of the Thai seafood restaurants as the ones you find on Highway 4 are far superior and serve the local Thai community. The newly opened Piazza makes good Italian dishes and if they had a better band the large outdoor area would be busier. The bar scene has picked up as well over the last few seasons.

The highlight is Ayisha Fine Art Fine Wine. Although it isn’t on Bang Niang Beach Road it is still worth a visit for one of the better wine lists in town. You can find them on Highway 4 across the street from the Honda Shop. The always popular outdoor market takes place Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and an even newer Market has sprung up on Highway 4 across from the reservoir. This one is mostly food but its open Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday afternoon/evening. Bang Niang Beach is a great place to spend the evening or rainy day as all of the shops and restaurants stay open all year.

How to get to Rusty from 7-eleven on the main road, please note that there are traffic lights now, where you turn on to Bang Niang Beach Road from the main road.