23 Nov No Comments rustyp Fruit in Thailand

Well it looks like the avocados are starting to make their way into the market. It’s a real challenge to get these gems and are happy to finally, after 8 years, find a supplier. Believe it or not, avocados are just getting popular with the Thais. There is a Royal Thai avocado project up north to get the hill tribes from growing opium. About 12 years ago they were given coffee and avocados as a substitute crop. The coffee plantations took off because everyone likes coffee. Avocados were more of a challenge because it takes around three years to get your first harvest. Also the local Thais didn’t understand or even like avocados. Flash forward and all of that has changed. There are now about five different varieties being grown in three provinces. Now we are just working on getting a steady supply year round. We can find them in Phuket at the supermarket but they are imported from NZ and Australia and VERY expensive. Gotta go now and make some guacamole.